lundi 13 août 2007

Sorrowful Tears - Where Memories Drown

Artist : Sorrowful Tears

Album : Where Memories Drown

Year : 2006

Country : Turkey

Genre : Dark Melancholic Ambient Metal

Tracklist :
1- Screams Of The Night In Thy Dark Forest
2- Eternal Suffering Under Scarlet Skies
3- Time...Wept In A Grey Journey
4- Where Memories Drown...

5- Nindë

Format : MP3 128kbps

Link :

Good band from Turkey!! Highly recommended!
Kaminda, you cannot dislike it!!
Thanks to Mystis for the up!


1 commentaire:

Kaminda a dit…

thnxs for the comments gui!!!!!
I know u prefer black metal :)
this one seems to be great i'll download
see ya friend

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