samedi 24 novembre 2007

The Black Plague, a magazine with and by Les Légions Noires!

There was a long time I didn't upload anything, so...after few months of inactivity, a little upload!

The Black Plague - First Chapter (And Maybe Last One) was a magazine made by Les Légions Noires. It was written and fully made by Meyhna'ch, and features interviews and pictures from the bands of the circle. No doubt this was the reason that the bands in this magazine became the most prominent ones after the years.

Interviews of :
1. Vlad Tepes
2. Mütiilation‎
3. Belketre
4. Aäkon Këëtrëh
5. Black Murder
6. Moëvöt
7. Satanicum Tenebrae
8. Amaka Hahina

Published in 1995 by Meyhna'ch (The singer from Mütiilation)

Size : 10 Mo

Link :

Enjoy this magazine!!


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