dimanche 19 août 2007

Infernal Poetry - Not Light But Rather Visible Darkness


Artist : Infernal Poetry

Album : Not Light But Rather Visible Darkness

Year : 2002

Genre : Death Metal

Tracklist :
1. Overture:Remembrance
2. 'Till the Seventh Sky
3. From Mortal Body to Eternal Soul(new version)
4. Wizard's Touch pt I
5. Deviation In Sacrality(new version)
6. Pragmatic Gemini
7. Jester's Eledy(new version)
8. Hell Spawn(new version)
9. The Higher Cause(new version)
10. Wizard's Touch pt II

Format : MP3 128kbps

Link : http://rapidshare.com/files/50001135/Infernal_Poetry_-_Not_Light_But_Rather_Visible_Darkness_by_Guigui.zip

That's a really really good album! Highly recommended!


2 commentaires:

shelska a dit…

I'm going to add you!

Anonyme a dit…

Crap album.

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