vendredi 10 août 2007


Band : Omnium Gatherum

Album : Years In Waste

Genre : Melodic Death Metal

Country : Finland

Year : 2004

Tracklist :
1. The Fall Went Right Through Here
2. Waste of Bereavement
3. Misanthropic (Let the Crown Fall)
4. Black Seas Cry
5. It's a Long Night
6. No Moon & No Queen
7. Gravesilence
8. The Nolan's Fati
9. More Withering
10. Auguries Gone

Format : MP3 96 kbps...sorry, this album was already converted to this bitrate, so...impossible to be better!

Link :

Enjoy it! Good album!


1 commentaire:

Kaminda a dit…

I came here, to say hello.. well no much time...
This seems to be good... I'll be checking, as I arrive to Brazil of course...
thnxs for Dark Lunacy album :)

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