lundi 23 juillet 2007

My Darkest Dream - In Love With Misanthropia


Artist : My Darkest dream

Album : In Love With Misanthropia

Genre : Symphonic Black Metal

Year : 1999

Country : France

Tracklist :
Prelude To Misanthropia
Demoniac Queen
Your Blood As My Cult
Here Lies My Bride
Dismal Sadism

Link :

MDD is now split up, but this band had members from Anorexia Nervosa (R.M.S. Hreidmarr ), and Acarus Sarcopt (Sealapart)

Really Good Music!

Highly Recommended!


1 commentaire:

Kaminda a dit…

I really loved this ones!!!
très genial!!!!
je l'adore beaucoup!!!!
thnxs for this, great french band!!! :)

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