vendredi 27 juillet 2007

Korgoth Of Barbaria


Here, I uplaoded 3 files.
They are the first episode of the "draw movie" Korgoth Of Barbaria.

This is a really fun serie!

The language is : english with french subtitles.

Format : good (not excelent) quality. *.flv. Readable with VLC Media player or with FLV player. but VLC is the best (and it's anapplication developed by french guys!).

Every file is approximately 25 Mb

Episode 1 :
First part :

Second part :

Third part :



1 commentaire:

Kaminda a dit…

Autunm Tears... welll I'll tell ya EVERYTHING is good
But i met the band with Act I, really awesome, deep lyrics it's great!!!!
and The Hallowing 2007 more classical great too :)
enjoy!!! thnxs for commenting

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