lundi 23 juillet 2007

Artist : E-RUINS

Album Title : Freedom

Cover : There is no cover

Tracklist :
1 - Pope Is Dead
2 - March For War
3 - Heinekein
4 - Offshit
5 - 6X6X6
6 - Kill The Teletubiz
7 - Bastard Academy
8 - Freedom
9 - Oui Oui's Not Dead
Nationality : France (Château-Thierry)

Label : Autoproduction

Genre : Metal Punk with Death And Trash influences

Link : e-ruins - - 38.05MB

I discovered this band during "La Fête de la Musique". They didn't make any CD or Demo. This tracks were recorded during repetitions, so it's an unofficial album. We are not a lot to have this tracks!
They don't make a lot of concerts, unfortunately.
The members are T-Die and Begood.
That's good and fun, I find.
Listen, enjoy and say me what you think about it!


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