jeudi 6 mars 2008

Swordfuck - Mastering The Art Of Slaughter

[img] 4d28e0b63836f57c4286454767a_full.jpg[/img]

Artist : Swordfuck

Album : Mastering The Art Of Slaughter

Genre : Raw / Noise Black Metal

Year : 1999

Country : Unknown

Tracklist :
1- Enter The Cunt Of Death
2- Fuck All Who Tread The Earth
3- Skullfucking The Opposition
4- Split Wide Open
5- To Thos Who Dwell Below

Quality : MP3 128kbps

Size : 13 Mo

Link :

It's too raw for me...I cannot listen this album in one time! But recommended music!


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º·.Such a little raven.·º a dit…

too raw? lol, this is excelent. This and Wold [] are the best bands ever. BTW, wabba exchange links ?

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